Composed the music for a video “La danza de los pinceles” directed by Charles Olsen, prizewinner of the the first Flamenco Film Festival organised by deflamenco.com.

2007 Winner of the Award for Best Flamenco Composition at the Tenth Annual Dance and Choreography Competition in Madrid, Pablo Rubén Maldonado, described by the Washington Post as a ground-breaking artist and charismatic performer, is one of the most sought-after Flamenco musicians of his generation.


He currently works with artists such as, Jorge Pardo, Rubén Dantas, Andrés Marín, Rafaela Carrasco, Farruquito, Marina Heredia…

Pablo has collabrated with numerous Flamenco dance companies and artists throughout Spain: Pura Pasión under the direction of Cristóbal Reyes, Nuevo Ballet Español, Antonio and Manuel Reyes, Juan Andrés Maya…

 Pablo is passionate about dance and on his first project ‘Almanjayar’ he performed with almost every  flamenco dancer in Madrid, such as Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores, Belén López, María Juncal, Concha Jareño, La Talegona…


Composer of the promotional music for FFLAC 2011

Composer of the soundtrack for the movie DES.

He has composed music and he has conducted the Show Madre Coraje, La Tati’s latest work.

Musical director and composer of the show “Alma morena” of the dance Company “Danza en compañia”, directed by Javier Palacios.


Flamenco  Masterclass in Astana, Gumilev University

Flamenco Masterclass at the Madrid´s Creative School

Flamenco Masterclass at the Music Conservatory of the Zubia, Granada.

He has been faculty at the  conservatory of famenco Casa Patas and at the Madrid´s of Music & Dance Popular School.


He currently teaches at the school El Molino, Madrid


Graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música in his native Granada.


 Pablo Rubén Maldonado, author, composer and pianist. Pablo began playing the piano at the age of four, when he was taught his first notes by his father. At eight he was studying at Juventudes Musicales  and combining his work on the piano with his love for flamenco.Two years later he was given a place at the Music Conservatory in Granada where he continued his studies of piano, theory and harmony, under the tuition of such professors as Gloria Emparán, José Luis Hidalgo, Luis Megías y Enrique Rueda, Chano Dominguez, Albert Bover…

For three years Pablo sang tenor in the prestigious Granada choir “Coral Generalife” conducted by the musician and composer, Luis Megias. Coming from a Granadino Gypsy family of musicians where we find Antonio Cujón, founder of Zambra Granadina; Pepe Albaycín, the charismatic Cantaor; the emblematic José Carmona and the internationally-renowned Mario Maya.

Pablo’s musical spectrum has widened to encompass and fuse a great variety of musical styles such as Afro-Caribbean, Argentinean Tango, Jazz and Funk, having used them wisely and tastefully to add to the expressive palette of his work.

 Pablo’s first recording ‘Almanjayar’ 2004 was acclaimed by the critics.

 “He accompanies singing as if he were plucking the strings of a guitar” El País

 “ His themes are eminently rhythmic; bulería, alegría, jaleos, tangos, surge from the piano grounded in traditional flamenco with fascinating jazz influences” Alma 100

 In 2006 Pablo and his group performed in Washington for the Gala Hispanic Theatre’s flamenco festival.

Paula Durbin of the Washington Post wrote “Granada-born classical pianist’s fusion of Spanish Gypsy tradition and jazz is hardly new, but Maldonado’s compositions take it to a new level. In a memorable sequence, Maldonado’s tinkling high notes played off the dancer’s rhythms. was flamenco distilled to its essence, sober and enthralling.


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